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Quick Thai News

A minimal news reader iOS app:


Most news reader apps are cluttered, so I set out to build one, as simple as possible. In the detail page, the app strips all the decorations and only shows news content. This is done by extracting the relevant html tag to show the content, with original url included. Users can also easily increase font size directly in the app.

This app has only one version, as I don’t have enough permissions to use content from news agencies (thus didn’t pass the Apple’s reviews).

However, it has attracted a lot of people since then!

*The recent increase in the number of crashes you saw was because I couldn’t publish any fixes. Moreover, the iOS SDK has also changed dramatically since then and resulting in many deprecated function calls.

Technical details

  • Implemented in Objective-C.
  • News sources are pulled from RSS feeds.
  • It loads an html page and strips other parts except the main content. I did this by manually finding patterns at each news site and figure out key html elements (e.g., div with id = “news_content”).